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The Faery Community at the Enchanted Chocolate Mine

Three species of faeries live and work in the Enchanted Chocolate Mine in Kirkby Lonsdale.

Redshank Faery

Redshanks were originally the guardians of forgotten treasure in secret underground labyrinths. This means they are very familiar with underground conditions. They were originally named after their reddish coloured clothes which had become dyed by the red clay on the tunnel walls that led to the underground treasure chambers. Since moving to Kirkby Lonsdale in 2005 they have taken responsibility for working the chocolate face. They are experts with dynamite and love blowing things up. You can regularly hear the blasts as they blow up more chocolate seams.

From an economic point of view they do tend to use more dynamite than they need because they love blasting so much (Nando is always telling them to do less blasting). This aside they are excellent workers regarding chocolate as their new treasure trove which they extract with great care and attention to detail.

Blue Cap FaeryBlue Cap Faeries are the original mining faeries associated with all types of underground excavation like coal, gold and tin. In operations with very dark tunnels all that miners were able to see were the Blue Cap faeries’ blue caps glowing in the dark. They are generally very hard workers and very skilled in all aspects of mining.

Here in the Kirkby Lonsdale mine they have largely taken control of the secondary operations. Once the Redshanks have delivered huge chunks of chocolate it is the Blue Caps that chisel it down to bite size chunks. Chocolate Keeper Faeries are members of the famous mining Stone Keepers. They are now specialised in chocolate mining here at Kirkby Lonsdale. Nando is the head Faery.

The Chocolate Keepers are responsible for all tertiary aspects in the mine. They take the chiseled chunks and bag them ready for sale. They convert chunks to buttons (the smallest chocolate pieces) especially for children and they look after the network of piping and pumps that syphon the liquid chocolate out of the mine.

Unfortunately there is a small problem in the mine as some of the faeries cannot resist eating the chocolate. Whilst this is generally permitted within reason, the faeries that eat too much (often making themselves very sick) have to be caught and for their own good are asked to leave the working operation. Whilst they have a weakness for eating chocolate these faeries are not bad creatures and we are always on the lookout for new homes for them. You will see some of the faeries that are in need of a good home in our online shop.