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Glass Chocolate & Vanilla Domino

Glass Chocolate & Vanilla Domino  Milk chocolate style handcrafted fine art by H

Milk chocolate style handcrafted fine art by Hulet Glass

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Suspend belief for a minute as what you are looking at is not chocolate but glass! Yes, that's right, we said glass. These handcrafted glass chocolates are designed and produced in California by Hulet Glass and we think they look amazing.

Each piece is designed to emulate a real chocolate. In this instance this is a milk chocolate and vanilla domino piece. It is signed and dated like a real piece of art. In fact that's exactly what these Hulet Glass chocolates are. Pieces are limited and they are fast becoming collectors items in America. They look much better arranged in a group to provide a real talking point for any home.

We are proud to be able to bring them to British customers, and as far as we are aware we are the only UK seller of Hulet Glass Chocolates.

They look so much like real chocolates that we use them as display pieces in our shop window in Kirkby Lonsdale.