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Freshly Caught Chocolate Keeper Faery

Freshly Caught Chocolate Keeper Faery

Please find a home for a Faery

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Please help us find homes for our faeries!

Unfortunately there is a small problem in the Enchanted Chocolate Mine as some of the faeries cannot resist eating the chocolate. Whilst this is generally permitted within reason, the faeries that eat too much (often making themselves very sick) have to be caught and for their own good are asked to leave the working operation. Whilst they have a weakness for eating chocolate these faeries are not bad creatures and we are always on the lookout for new homes for them.

This Chocolate Keeper faery has been freshly caught and housed in a jar (for its own protection you understand). Look after your faery well and it will protect your personal chocolate stash making sure that no-one else should be tempted to nibble, snaffle or fiddle with your chocolate cache. Mistreat your Chocolate Keeper faery and you may discover your chocolate collection has vanished in a puff of faery dust!